The Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques (JCGT) is a diamond open access journal: peer reviewed and free to readers and authors. Its focus is short articles on computer graphics practice. JCGT aims to serve the community by disseminating proven and reliable techniques in all areas of computer graphics, including software, hardware, games, and interaction. Alongside the journal papers themselves, JCGT publishes and archives open-source source code that authors provide.

We founded JCGT in May 2012 with a desire to continue the spirit and high quality, utility, and academic integrity of the traditionally-published Journal of Graphics Tools (itself inspired by Graphics Gems), while moving forward to a modern, online Open Access model. We believe that Open Access will better serve our community by providing faster publishing turnaround times and broader access to the papers and source code. By eliminating the costs associated with traditional printing and distribution, we can provide the journal free of charge to readers and authors alike.

Our founding board members listed on the right have broad experience in industry and academia. The board comprises all previous editors-in-chief of the Journal of Graphics Tools and most of its 2012 editorial board, as well as its founding editor and the creator of the Graphics Gems book series. We are all committed to JCGT being the premier forum for the latest techniques by and for computer graphics researchers and practitioners. We will continue the rigorous process of peer review and tight review cycles with useful editorial feedback. As always, the board consists of individuals who volunteer their time and skills for the sake of progress and benefit to the community.

We hope you will join us in ensuring JCGT's success, by submitting, subscribing, reviewing, and perhaps volunteering for a term on our editorial board.

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